Soil Testing:
Soil/Clay Triaxial Testing – CU, CD, UU with Pore Water Measurement (Multistage)
Direct Shear Testing – Cohesionless and Cohesive Material (Single or Multistage)
Permeability Testing – Constant Head Triaxial and Falling Head Test
Consolidation Testing
Atterberg Limits
Particle Size Distribution – includes Hydrometer Analysis
Shrink/Swell Index
Particle Density
Moisture Content
Unit Weight
Specialised Soil/Clay Mechanics Testing:
Stress Path Testing
Bromhead Ring (Torsional) Test
Anisotropic Consolidation
Extension Tests to determine effective of Intermediate Stress
Unsaturated Soil Testing (Direct Shear and Triaxial including Consolidation)
True Triaxial Testing (Saturated or Unsaturated)
Shear Reversal Mechanism
Excessive Wetting/Drying Triaxial Test